• The Rural Consciousness Project Presents

    Renaissance Women~

    A Five Day Collaborative Experience














    The Call.

    This is simple and complex.

    The simple part is hearing the call, your call.

    You will hear it with your body, your soul will touch your skin and your skin will rise.

    The complexity is what you cannot explain, where your trained logic mind wants to know

    and all you have to go upon is.... it's a feeling.

    It’s Quantum.




    Take a breath or three and BE seated in your body. Notice what moves.

    This is not a call to surfers, however, within this community there is a connection, a calling, a commitment and a courage that lives in the

    simple act of doing what they LOVE.

    “You Can’t Script This” celebrates the unpredictability of surfing in the most powerful and dynamic playing field in the WORLD.

  •      'A new platform of choice'











    You have come here with a KNOWING,

    a purpose, a chord to play that IS vital in the world’s orchestra of change and

    in playing your music you come alive.


    You have come here, not to just live life as it exists today,

    but to create the life you know is possible for yourself and the world.


    At times many of us have been lost in the sea of 'culture' and 'patriarchal' ways in which we SEE the world.

    Despite what you believe, what you have been told or modeled throughout your life that KNOWING has never been lost.

    This is a time to stop, listen, speak and embody your ancient knowing unlike ever before… first as women and then collectively, as the Global Living Village.


    This is NOT a distant myth.

    This is an ancient memory coming alive in a new way.

    What we will create will depend on what we touch and bring to life inside ourselves.

    This is where we go beyond the horizon and truly live as though anything IS possible and where NO separation exists.

    It’s about seeing the unseen and manifesting potential.

    It’s about a sacred embodiment of authenticity and truth unlike ever before.

    It’s about an opening to ALL without needing to define it.

    It’s an ALLOWING of the primal, wild, raw and uniquely amazing parts of ourselves that live just beneath the current of our lives.

    Is this for you?

    This is for women who intuitively know the force of nature within themselves and are here to bridge their inner and outer worlds.

    This is a BOLD call to the trailblazers, edge-workers, pioneers and fierce creators who are HERE for a much larger expression.

    This is about insane courage and commitment to Self.

    This is about connecting and collaborating on a local and global scale, to embody and accelerate the evolution of consciousness.

    Simply put. This will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in the most radically- enlivening way.

    Taking the leap?

    This experience will be limited to a small group of extraordinary women who have already committed to their own evolution and who know that while it never ends

    the past does not define their potential.

    Journey to Hawaii (the island of Oahu) on April 18-23, 2016


    Invest in yourself, your family, your community and the planet.

     Embark on five days of life altering conversations set in a WEL-Systems® context, with ocean side rooms, meals, yoga, Nia and more. $2300 USD (includes accommodations and meals), or $1700 USD (includes meals)

    Visit www.theruralconsciousnessproject.com for the latest information and posts regarding this Earth shifting experience

    Contact Naomi Irons to register and arrange payment


    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

    - Martin Luther King

  • This is about the life you have not YET claimed








    Ange Arbuckle

    Ange Arbuckle: Opens her eyes every morning with renewed excitement to create magic and is truly in love with life. A writer, entrepreneur, adventurer and epic mother of three amazing boys who she is unschooling while living in Hawaii. She believes in coffee, possibility, living authentically and that we each carry a force of nature within us just waiting to re-awaken. She is a Holistic Nutritionist and has been on an intense and wild spiritual adventure for over 20 years. She’s a Co-Creator of the Rural Consciousness Project.

    Naomi Irons

    Naomi Irons: A powerfully compassionate and visionary woman who is choosing to midwife one of the greatest shifts in our humanity. She is a mother, a partner, a daughter, a friend and deeply spiritual being committed to discovering the vast potential that lives inside us all, in these exciting and uncertain times. She is a WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate® and Co-Creator of The Rural Consciousness Project where she continues to discover the power of her own evolving creative force within the local and global ‘Living Village’.

    Raina McDonald

    Raina McDonald: Raina is here on Earth to experience the fullness of her life’s adventure while contributing to the expansion of collective consciousness. As an artist, designer, doula, yoga instructor, grower of organic food, steward of land, Co-creator of The Rural Consciousness Project, and mother to two wild and free daughters, Raina weaves an enlivening tapestry of mindful living. Awake to both the devastating realities that humans have created and the potential that lives within each of us to create very differently, Raina is passionate about mobilizing positive change that begins with personal evolution.

    Mandy Sandbach

    Mandy Sandbach: Mandy is a fiercely caring and deeply passionate Force of Nature who mindfully spends time in the good company of the bees, lady bugs, plants, trees, worms, soil, and compost. Mandy KNOWS that each species, whether human or not, is whole, unique and essential to our world. Without one piece of the Matrix, none of the other can exist or flourish. Mandy is a partner, mother, permaculturist, steward of SOIL, farmer of diversity, lover of food and all things ALIVE! Mandy is a Co-Creator of the Rural Consciousness Project and is trusting in her own Magic to lead her in the creation of the “better world our hearts know is possible”.

    Nancy Hanlon

    Nancy Hanlon: Wakes each day knowing herself as a visionary choosing to invite and allow the Alchemy required for the Great Shift in Humanity. She lives fully in her authenticity, unbound passion, and love of life as the expression of her spirit dancing through tissue. Nancy is one of the many midwives here to Co-Create the Living Village, Locally and Globally as a Co-Creator of The Rural Consciousness Project. Her days are infused with movement, Nia, gardening and conversations that ignite, move and fuel evolution of consciousness for Self, Family and the Living Village. She has a diverse background in dance, social work and is a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate.